Radiant : the series adapted from the manga French won a season 2

The japanese anime “Radiant”, adapted from a French manga series of the same name by Tony Valente, will return next fall for a second season. The series is broadcast in us in simulcast on DNA and Crunchyroll. Lerche A season 2 for Radiant ! The japanese anime adapted from the manga French signed Tony Valente (├ęditions Ankama) will go back into effect next fall for new episodes under the sign of adventure. As a reminder, the series follows Seth, a young sorcerer with magical powers, willing to do anything to destroy the Radiant, the nest of the Nemesis, and get rid once and for all the humanity of these evil creatures. Radiant : “I saw in the manga the same potential as Dragon Ball and One Piece,” says producer Yusuke Fujita is last October that the first season of Radiant was launched in Japan on the NHK tv channel, becoming the first series adapted from a manga French by a japanese studio. For us, the series is offered each week in the simulcast (in the hour that follows its dissemination in japanese) on the platforms of DNA and Crunchyroll.

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