Trailer Philharmonia : secrets, cheap shots and madness in the new series of France 2 [EXCLUDED]

France 2 invites you to discover the behind the scenes turmoil of a philharmonic orchestra. The program of this new series, worn by Marie-Sophie Ferdane, low blows, secrets, adultery, and a few dramas in the middle of the classical music. Season 2 is going to be loving a little much complete, France 2 will launch on Wednesday, January 23, from 21h its new series the name Philharmonia. Created by Marine Gacem, who made his debut on Cherif, the fiction 6 x 52 minutes, plunges us into the behind the scenes of philharmonic orchestra of the city of Paris. The action starts with the sudden death of the Maestro, replaced at short notice by Helen Barizet, expatriate for a few years in the United States. Appointed to the head of the Philharmonia against the opinion of the Management and the team, she is the first woman to head a permanent orchestra. His boldness, his passion, and his conduct to feed the rancour even as they compel admiration. Hélène has a season to prove herself and save the orchestra from financial failure. His first unexpected decision, which will stir up jealousies and cause misunderstanding, is to name Selena River, a young virtuoso violinist to the rank of first violin. Between family secrets, a husband, adultery and co-workers who are waiting to see fail, the young woman will she be able to rise to the occasion ? The task ahead all the more delicate as she could be suffering from a neurodegenerative disease genetics, which has tipped her mother and her grandmother in the madness… The 19 new series French the most exciting of 2019 Marie-Sophie Ferdane brilliantly performs this woman’s head, conductor talented, taken in the whirlwind of his existence. The actress is surrounded by Lina El Arabi, view in Do not forsake me and the Wedding, but also François Vincentelli, Laurent Bateau, Jacques Weber, Véronique Jeannot… and Tomer Sisley, in the role of Rafael Crozes, a patron of the arts of the past sulphur.

Black Widow : David Harbour (Stranger Things) in the casting of the Marvel movie !

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