Killing Eve is back for a season 2, but in fact, how to end season 1 ?

Starting tomorrow, the wonderful series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge “Killing Eve” will return for season 2 on BBC America. By the way, how ended season 1 ? BBC America In season 1 of Killing Eve, Eve, agent of the MI5 who is bored to death in his work played by Sandra Oh, was recruited by the MI6 to investigate secretly on a series of murders perpetrated by a certain Villanelle (Jodie Comer). A game of cat and mouse in the feminine, beautifully written and performed, who will resume tomorrow on BBC America where it had left off in may 2018, because the season 2 is scheduled to resume exactly at the point where the first had stopped. Just how was it completed ? Konstantin In the last episode, Villanelle, who is tracking Konstantin, her mentor, that she discovered that he had manipulated her, eventually find him and shoot him in a cafĂ©, under the eyes of Eve, before it can escape. Later, Carolyn informs Eve that Konstantin is dead, but, does the light not to die, impossible to ascertain. E st-it really dead o u Carolyn she lied to protect him ? Carolyn at the end of season 1, we know that Carolyn, who has given the green light to Eve in the beginning of the season to investigate crimes of a Villanelle, had an affair with Konstantin, that would be or would have been a member of the mysterious group The Twelve (The Twelve). However, it is unclear which side is actually Carolyn. Is she a double agent, triple ? A member of the famous group of the Twelve, or an agent of the MI6 who would play a complex game ? In the last episode, Eve is returned to the inquiry led by Carolyn, but Kenny, the son of Carolyn, who assists him in his investigation, has chosen to stay faithful to Eve . The two women are going to continue to work together ? Villanelle and Eve, The obsession of mutual of Eve, and of Villanelle reaches its climax when Eve, the end, burst into the apartment Villanelle that she puts at the bag. They find themselves, lying on the bed, and Eve confesses to Villanelle that she is completely obsessed with her, that she can’t stop thinking about it. Villanelle is disturbed and it is thought that the two women will kiss. It was then that Eve stabs Villanelle to the stomach. Shocked by what she had just done, she runs to get a relief kit and Villanelle took the opportunity to escape, but not without having tried to take on Eve. Villanelle works at the service of the group, The Twelve, a mysterious organization of assassins. Now that his cover and his true identity, Oksana Astankova, has been unveiled, it is unclear whether it can continue to kill for them. Anyway, hard to imagine that a psychopath like Villanelle/Oksana ceases to kill and even more that Eve is out of his viewfinder. From his side, Eve seems to have lost her job and her relationship with her husband Niko came unglued : “I have lost two jobs, a husband and a best friend because of you “, she says to Villanelle in the final, but Niko is a real nice, also it is said that it should be there for Eve, even if he disagreed with the turn that it chose to take. The trailer of the season 2 sketch already some answers : Killing Eve – season 2 trailer (3) VO

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