The Little Dummer Girl : what is the series of espionage of Park Chan-wook ?

Tonight, Canal+ broadcasts the first two episodes of “The Little Drummer Girl” with Alexander Skarsgård, Florence Pugh and Michael Shannon. What is this mini-series of espionage in the tradition of “The Night Manager” made by Park Chan-wook ? Nadav Kander/AMC what it’s about ? An actress meets an israeli intelligence agent during his vacation in Greece, and found themselves plunged into a large-scale conspiracy. Adapted from the novel The Girl on the drum of John le Carré, written by Michael Lesslie and Claire Wilson and directed by Park Chan-wook. On Canal+ from march 14 to 21. The Little Drummer Girl – season 1 trailer VO It is with that ? In this adaptation of the spy novel by John le Carré , Park Chan-wook brings together an international cast high charisma, led by Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgard and Florence Pugh. There is also Lubna Azabal, Charles Dance and Max Irons, and we discover new faces like those of Simona Brown, and the magnetic Charif Ghattas. It worth the look ? What a happiness that the enchanting universe of The Little Drummer Girl, in which the plot complex, on the background of the israeli-palestinian conflict, takes place at the end of the 1970s between Bonn, Athens, London and training camps the palestinians. In the spirit of The Night Manager, which was already adapted from a novel by John le Carré, the six episodes of The Little Dummer Girl are very dense, but Park Chan-wook takes the time to distil an atmosphere which is both heavy and captivating. There is something of the order of the magical and the sensual in the setting composed by the Korean film-maker where there are characters disturbing and disturbed. The plot is exciting and complex, and the series never takes his audience for a fool, she takes it by the hand and invites them for a few hours to penetrate his space. The director of Old Boy hasn’t lost his sense of composition and detail : the staging is perfect, it plays on the amalgam, costumes for example, and the work of the color is remarkable. Especially, The Little Drummer girl is illuminated by the charisma of its heroine. It attaches immediately to Charlie, and this is due to the performance of a very special Florence Pugh. It is, undeniably, the revelation of the series. However, overall, the actors are great : Alexander Skarsgå rd is completely fascinating, the balance between power and fragility, Michael Shannon is both very funny and very hard, unsympathetic, and charming. Nobody and nothing is ever black and white and end-to-end, that is admirable.

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